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Vinyl Liner Pools

A vinyl liner pool has a custom made sheet of vinyl between the water and the pool structure. Vinyl pools are very flexible and cannot crack like a concrete pool. You will never have to repaint or re-plaster a vinyl pool. A vinyl liner makes all surfaces of your pool smooth. A vinyl pool is also less expensive than a fiberglass pool or concrete pool. At Aquarius Pools Construction Co. Inc., we recommend and use vinyl liner pools by Seablue Swimming Pools.


Benefits of Seablue Swimming Pool

Owning a Seablue Swimming Pool means more than just an investment in your backyard. It’s a commitment to a leisurely lifestyle. At any age, you will reap the benefits of a swimming pool from day one.


Health Benefits

Most doctors agree that spending time in a pool is a healthy choice. Whether you prefer swimming laps, doing aerobics moves with weights designed for the pool environment or just enjoying normal play time with your family and friends, a pool is a great way to get in the best shape of your life. You can benefit from:

  • A cardiovascular workout
  • Exercise that provides cushion for your joints, protecting them from the harsh impact normally associated with most forms of exercise.
  • Movement that gets your heart pumping and muscles working against the resistance of the water.


Social Enjoyment

Another benefit of owning your own pool is that a cure for boredom is always close at hand. Forget about being a couch potato. Put the remote down, walk away from the keyboard, and drop the video game controls. For real fun, a pool is the ultimate interactive, reality experience. It’s something you can enjoy alone, with a special someone, with your family or with friends. A pool never gets "old" and doing something you enjoy will add years to your life, not to mention an amazing number of special memories.


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